The British royal family rarely participates in interviews. It was labeled a “PR nightmare and a national joke” when Prince Andrew spoke to the in 2019 and you never saw II have a conversation with Oprah. , the late queen's grandson, had a famous conversation with Winfrey, and he hasn't finished yet.

In his upcoming memoir Spare, , who emigrated from the UK to Canada and the US in 2020, is expected to spill some of the tea that is about to be poured. In fact, he has already started spilling.

After William labeled , now Harry's wife, “difficult,” “rude,” and “abrasive,” Harry writes about being physically attacked by his brother, William, according to UK website The Guardian. Additionally, he quotes his father, who is currently King Charles, as saying, “Don't make my latter years a misery.”

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Who Is Interviewing Harry On ?

On Sunday's episode of the CBS newsmagazine program 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper will have an interview with Prince Harry.

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