Who is Louis Tshakoane? Net worth, age, forex, instagram, jail, telegram

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Louis Jnr Tshakoane is a popular South African millionaire, businessman, entrepreneur, forex trader, and author. Louis Tshakoane was born in 1989 in South Africa.

Louis Jnr Tshakoane was born into a wealthy family. His father, Louis Tshakoane, was a former Public Relations Officer of Kaizer Chiefs. Much information is not revealed about Louis Tshakoane’s family. However, his mother’s name is Komane. Louis Tshakoane has siblings whose details are not known at the moment.

Louis Tshakoane went to local schools in South Africa. He attended Edenglen High School before continuing his study at a university. It’s unclear which tertiary institution Louis Tshakoane attended.

Louis Tshakoane

Louis Tshakoane started his career as a businessman when he was just a child. He set up his first business, Botho Gym when he was very young at Tembisa. He started his first business with the help of Billionaire Richard Branson. Louis Tshakoane was supplied with $200,000 worth of gym equipment which helped him to establish a strong business.

Louis Tshakoane worked with many high-profile companies after he graduated from the university. He is currently the founder and CEO of Undercover Millionaire, a network of business people who would interact to combine energies, wisdom, and ideas. Undercover Millionaire aims at changing the lives of people and giving back to the community. The company gives youths the platform to showcase their ideas and supports them to bring their ideas into reality.

Louis Tshakoane Net worth

Louis Tshakoane’s net worth has not been estimated yet but he is considered as one of the richest forex traders in South Africa. Tracing Louis Tshakoane’s wealth, the businesses that work under him, the businesses he owns, and other assets, he will be worth about $10 million.

Louis Tshakoane Age

Louis Tshakoane has not revealed the month and day on which he was born. In 2019, Louis Tshakoane celebrated his 30th birthday and this indicates that he was born in 1989.

Louis Tshakoane Forex

Who is Louis Tshakoane? Net worth, age, forex, instagram, jail, telegram

Louis Tshakoane is currently one of the richest forex traders in South Africa. Louis Tshakoane revealed that a greater portion of his wealth was gotten through forex trading. He currently has a book titled “Forex Millionaire In 365 Days By God’s Grace”. This book possesses information on how Louis Tshakoane became a forex trader and how he made it big in the forex game.

Louis Tshakoane Instagram

Louis Tshakoane has an official Instagram account under the name @undercover_trillionaires with 373k followers as of the time this post was made. The young millionaire shares some inspirational messages and luxurious lifestyles on his Instagram page.

Louis Tshakoane Jail

Louis Tshakoane faced a serious backlash in 2017 following his Undercover Millionaire initiative which many did not receive well. Many people who did not believe in the company questioned the legitimacy of the company and the source of his wealth. He was also accused by a famous forex trader, Andile Mayisela whom he owed some amount of money but failed to pay.

However, in May 2018, an arrest warrant was issued for Louis Tshakoane following complaints leveled against him by people who had invested in his cryptocurrency trading business but were impatient. News of Louis Tshakoane in jail then circulated online but he came out to b=debunk the rumors stating that he was on vacation in Dubai and not in Jail.

Louis Tshakoane Telegram

Louis Tshakoane owns a telegram channel where he shares free forex and cryptocurrency investment tips. The channel is under the name ‘freepropheticsignals’.

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