Who is Moses Nango? South African Airways Customer Service Agent

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In Al Jazeera’s Gold Mafia – The Laundry Service expose, a man came up called Moses Nango.

According to the documentary, he was a Customer Service Agent for South African Airways.

He said in the secretly recorded tape of him that he worked at the airport for the last 23 years.

Moses Nango admitted that he has been helping people to move Gold, money, and diamonds without ever getting caught.

He then went on to talk about his deal with Simon Rudland as a special one. Explaining how the smuggling of Gold goes on, he said people of high authority are responsible. They bring the gold to the airport in a police escort.

And because of their high status in the country, they do not get checked at the airport. Moses is one of the people that help to move the gold through the airport with ease since he occupies one of the top positions.

These people after moving through the airport, flies the gold to Dubai — where the deal is completed.

Moses exposed that the Gold smugglers mostly travel in business or first class on flight EK714 — an Emirates plane.

He noted that while the smugglers successfully pass through the airport, they meet another person in Dubai with the gold. This person would be waiting with the money.

Moses Nango revealed that the very flight they leave in is the same flight they quickly come back in.

Below is a list of people that Moses Nango mentioned for partaking in the Gold smuggling:

  1. Patrick Keith
  2. Talmage George Alexander
  3. Terrance Ian Keith
  4. Johannes Swan
  5. Johannes Daniel Swan
  6. Peter Bowen
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