Who Is Number 94 Kansas City Chiefs?

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The Kansas City Chiefs are a Kansas City, Missouri-based American football franchise. The American Football Conference West division, of which the Chiefs are a part, is where they play in the National Football League.

Who Is Number 94 Kansas City Chiefs?

Malik Herring is the number 94 for Kansas City Chiefs. Malik Herring has the number 94 printed on his jersey.

The Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League’s Al’Malik Demichia Herring was born on November 9, 1997, and plays defensive end for them.

Malik Herring participated in every game in his rookie season of 2017 and made a total of seven stops.

Malik Herring was an undrafted free agent who was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs after being passed over in the 2021 NFL Draft.

In week three, Malik Herring made his NFL debut, contributing two tackles in a defeat to the Indianapolis Colts.

Malik Herring remains currently active on the Kansas City Chiefs roster.


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