Who Is Nurse Nicole L. Linton Boyfriend?

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In some rather sad news, six people have now been confirmed dead in a horrific traffic incident that happened in Houston, Texas. In a security cam video that has since gone viral, a Mercedes-Benz sedan vehicle driven by a woman identified as Nicole L. Linton ran a red light at high speed. The accident occurred near a gas station in Windsor Hills, Los Angeles California. According to California Highway Patrol, the incident has resulted in the death of a pregnant woman identified as Asherey Ryan, her 11-month-old baby boy Alonso, and her boyfriend identified as Reynold Lester.
The driver of the sedan, Nicole Linton (37) is a nurse in the Houston area. According to prosecutors in the case, Ms. Linton who sustained minor injuries and is currently receiving treatment will be charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.

Who Is Nurse Nicole L. Linton’s Boyfriend?

According to the facts on the ground, Ms. Linton is believed to have had a heated argument with her boyfriend prior to her careless driving. The Boyfriend, whose name is currently not known is believed to also be a resident of the Houston area.

Source: Vimbuzz.com


  1. first sentence is incorrect the accident did not happy in houston texas

  2. Facts are wrong. She is a traveling nurse from Texas. The accident happened in California.

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