Who Is Peter White?

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British guitarist and songwriter Peter White specializes in soft jazz and jazz fusion. On September 20, 1954, he was born in Luton, England. Smooth jazz guitarist Peter White is highly renowned for his deep and lyrical guitar playing.

He has been a major player in the modern jazz scene and has put out many recordings during his career. He has released several well-known albums, such as “Caravan of Dreams,” “Perfect Moment,” and “Glow.” His songs are known for their peaceful, soft tones, frequently incorporating acoustic guitar and sporadically involving vocal collaborations.

He co-wrote numerous songs with Stewart throughout the course of their 20-year collaboration, including “Time Passages,” a top-ten smash in 1978, and “Midnight Rocks,” a hit in 1980. In the same year, he started Shot In The Dark, a group that supported Stewart and put out an album of the same name in 1981

Who Is Peter White?

Born on September 20, 1954, Peter White is an English musician and composer who can be heard playing the guitar, piano, accordion, and harmonica.

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