Who Is Phil Mickelson’s Wife? – What happened to Phil Mickelson’s wife?

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Phil Mickelson is one of the best and most decorated golfers the world can brag of. He is at the time holding 6 Major titles. He ranks eighth on the list of all-time victories on the PGA Tour with 45. As if that isn’t enough, Phil Mickelson is the oldest Major Championship winner ever after claiming the 2021 PGA Championship at the age of 50 years, 11 months and 7 days.

In the year 1991, Phil Mickelson secured his first-ever PGA Tour title. One of the prominent figures behind him all this while is his wife.

Who Is Phil Mickelson’s Wife?

Phil Mickelson’s wife is known as Amy Mickelson. The pair met way back in 1992. Both Phil Phil Mickelson and Amy Mickelson both attended Arizona State University. Back then, Phil was a senior while Amy was a junior and a cheerleader on the Phoenix Suns NBA Cheerleading squad.

In one of Amy’s interviews, she said; “When he told me he was a pro golfer, I thought he worked in the shop at a golf course.”

The two lovers married 4 years after meeting (1996) and proceeded to have 3 children. The first of their children is known as Amanda and was born in 1996, which was the moment Phil Mickelson came second for the US Open Payne Stewart.

The second child is known as Sophia and she was born in 2001 followed by Evan who was as well born in the year 2003. The birth of Evan came with complications for Amy after she developed an artery rapture leading to Evan’s breath being ceased for a while. He however survived it.

What happened to Phil Mickelson’s wife?

Sadly, in 2009, Amy Mickelson was diagnosed with breast cancer. The situation forced Phil Mickelson to suspend participating in the PGA Tour. She survived it after 11 years. In 2010, Amy watched her husband play at the Masters. Phil won his third Green Jacket during that tournament.

Amy is actively involved in fundraising for breast cancer research due to her unpleasant experience with the disease.

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