Who Is Richer Peter Or Paul Okoye?

, known as Mr. P, was born on November 18, 1981. Okoye and his twin were born in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria.

Mr. P is the son of Josephine Okoye and Mazi Moses Okoye.
Peter Okoye is a Nigerian singer and record producer who rose to prominence with his identical twin

brother who formed the duo .

Peter Okoye has a 4.8 billion nairas net worth equivalent to $11 million.

, known as , is a twin of Peter Okoye born on November 18, 1981. He is a Nigerian singer who rose to stardom along with his twin who formed the duo Psquare.

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Paul Okoye was born to Mazi Moses Okoye and his wife Josephine Okoye.
His known for the hit singles including Ayoyo, Reason with Me, Woman, and Chizoba. Paul Okoye is also a record producer and songwriter.
He has 6 billion nairas equivalent to $15 million net worth.

Who Is Richer Peter Or Paul Okoye?

Distinguishing both net worths, it is obvious that Paul Okoye is richer than Peter Okoye.

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