Who is Simon Rudland brother?

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The Rudlands have been prominent investors on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, having large holdings in companies like CFI and Zimre through their investment vehicle Day River Corporation.

Who is Simon Rudland brother?

The businessman from Zimbabwe named Hamish Bryan Wilburn Rudland has interests in logistics, agriculture, and financial services. His business, Magister Investments, owns a majority position in Tongaat Hulett, the largest sugar producer in Southern Africa.

He was also intrigued by Pioneer Transport. Rudland attended Falcon College in Esigodini for his education. Hamish Rudland graduated from Massey University with a bachelor’s degree with a concentration on information technology, general management, and tourism.

His Mauritius-registered business, Magister, organized the merger of the subsidiaries of Zimplow and Unifreight. Companies registered in Zimbabwe include Zimplow and Unifreight.

In 1995, Hamish Rudland and his brother Simon founded Pioneer Transport. With the acquisition of other top transport companies, such as Unifreight, the proprietor of Fast Transport, Bulwark, and Clan, they expanded their company into Pioneer Corporation Africa.


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