Who is Teyana Taylor signed to

Who is Teyana Taylor signed to 2021?
Who is Teyana Taylor signed to 2021?

We know ’s music career took a few turns here and there as she signed with Pharrell Williams label ‘Star Trak Entertainment’ through Interscope Records in the year 2006. In about six years into her term with Star Trak Entertainment, Teyana decided to do things on her own thus being a solo artist. She wanted to be able to make music on her own terms or say independently.

And you know been an independent artist or singer is really a hard track to stay on and only those who are really determined to make it do make it in the long run. Amazingly with such determination and the desire to make it, she released a solo mixtape known as ‘The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor’.

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In the year 2012, Teyana signed with America’s famous rapper Kanye West label titled ‘GOOD Music’ an associate of Def Jam Music Group.

Fast forward to December 2020, Teyana made a surprising Instagram post saying that she was done making music according to Billboard. Most of her fans became confused as to whether she was really ending music. She stated that she felt ‘super underrated’ as a singer. She concluded by saying and I quote ‘I am retiring this chapter of my story.

She then went ahead to ask the label she was signed with thus Def Jam Recordings to release her or drop her by making this statement “Yo, just drop me, because, at this point, I can’t let this kill me”. She felt she was putting her all into it but didn’t get the push she deserved.

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But somehow Def Jam Recordings haven’t replied to her officially and that being the case still have her as a signee to date.

This is what we got for you. Any further updates will be made known to you all. Stay tuned.

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