Who is Tifa married to?

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Arguably Tifa is not actually married. So No, she serves among the slums of Midgar’s Sector 7 at her tavern, Seventh Heaven, which also serves as AVALANCHE’s headquarters in the authentic Final Fantasy 7. She serves for Barret and despises Shinra, although she isn’t his wife.

Tifa is a long time friend of Cloud Strife, the hero of Final Fantasy VII, and the owner of the 7th Heaven bar in the slum areas of Midgar. She is a participant of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE. She persuades him to join the organization in order to keep him near and secure, and she subsequently supports him in saving the planet from Sephiroth, the game’s villain. After Sephiroth’s defeat, further installments in The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII built on her character, such as in the film Advent Children, where she tries to persuade Cloud to let go of his inner remorse and go on with his life.

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