Who is Vicky White husband?

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Vicky White was an Alabama jail employee who became famous worldwide after leaving with a dangerous murder suspect. On April 29, White, an Alabama prison guard for over two decades, helped Casey White, a 38-year-old convict, escape.

Casey has previously been sentenced to 75 years in jail for a series of violent offences in 2015. He has subsequently been charged with murdering a 58-year-old lady. Vicky’s main responsibility is to transport detainees.

“We have determined via independent sources and other ways that Casey White and Vicky White had a connection outside of her typical work hours–not physical contact, but a relationship of a different nature,” the Sheriff said.

When Casey White was hauled to Lauderdale County jail for his arraignment on murder charges in the death of Connie Ridgeway, investigators discovered they had been dating since 2020.

Authorities discovered the couple on Monday in Evansville, Indiana, after they had been on the run for 11 days.

Vicky White was arrested by police, and authorities suspect she shot herself to death. “We suspect she may have taken her own life,” stated Sheriff Dave Wedding of Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

Vicky White, a prison officer, was about to retire at the age of 56. She was the county’s correctional assistant director. She had no children and was a widow.

Who is Vicky White husband?

Tommy White, Vicky’s spouse, died in January from Parkinson’s Disease, despite the fact that the pair had divorced some time before.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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