Who Made No Nut November?

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The month of November provides many nice traditions, such as Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving for those with links over the pond, and the anticipation of Christmas.

Unfortunately, things can never be too healthy.

No Nut November (NNN) is a newer tradition. While you may be concerned when you see the name and think, “I can’t have peanuts all month?” don’t be. You can continue to eat your M&Ms.

No Nuts November actually has a different meaning.

No Nut November is an annual event that encourages males to go thirty days without ejaculating – or, as it’s called in some quarters, busting a nut, hence the name.

Who Made No Nut November?

The origins of this challenge may be dated back to 2011. This is the challenge’s first recorded entry on sites such as Reddit and 4chan. The identity of who brought up this challenge however cannot be traced.

The tradition has been in existence ever since its emergence in 2011.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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