Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil Filter?

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I have talked about different brands of oil filters used in automobiles in my previous post. Despite all that, Harley Davidson oil filter is one of the best oil for automobiles around the globe. Hence, this blog post will talk about the manufacturer of Harley Davidson oil filter.
Harley Davidson is a well-trusted brand that people use its oil filters for their bikes. They mainly manufacture oil for automobile engines and as users say, this synthetic oil is highly efficient.

It increases the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle or bike.
According to history, Harley Davidson began in the year, 1903, the motorcycle brand was founded by two friends and they are, William Harley and Arthur Davidson. Though Harley Davidson brought their oil filter, they don’t produce their oil filters, instead, they handle the production of the oil filter.

Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil Filter?

SUNOCO, one of the oil giant group manufactures the most loved Harley Davidson oil. The company is situated in the United State of America (USA). Though most kinds of Harley Davidson oil are made in SUNOCO, some types of oil are also made in Citgo. Not alone they have actually kept a business with some other oil companies as well. Note that, Harley Davidson does not manufacture its own oil filter because they are mainly a motor company.
Therefore, SUNOCO makes Harley Davidson motor oil and it is headquartered in the USA, with its main production plants and facilities in Dallas, Texas. However, SUNOCO also outsources its oil from Canada and Saudi Arabia too.

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