Who Makes Optima Batteries?

are mostly liked by car owners due to their resiliency and efficiency. Optima battery may be your favorite car battery but you do not know who is the behind such a powerful battery. However, you are at the best place to know who really makes Optima batteries.
As one of the popular and key suppliers of AGM batteries, Optima batteries come in three different types and each type has its own color. They include YELLOWTOP, REDTOP, and BLUETOP.
According to the history of Optima Batteries, back in mid-1972 when the company came to be Donald McClelland and John Devitt made a patent claim for a maintenance-free lead-acid battery It set the pace for the establishment of the battery brand.
The purpose of the lead-acid battery was for the marine and military sectors.

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The patent filed went to Gates Rubber Company in early 1975 and in 9 years later, the company established a starting, lighting, and ignition battery project, which targeted the military and commercial sectors. From there, Johnson Controls acquired the company in the year, 2000.

The ride has been smooth for Optima Batteries, but in the year, 2019, the company’s hands changed again, making Optima one of the Clarios battery brands.

Who Makes Optima Batteries?

Initially, Johnson Controls used to be the company in charge of the making of Optima Batteries since the year, 2000. Now, Clarios LLC is the umbrella or main company that produces and makes Optima batteries and other heavy-duty battery brands. Their headquarters is situated in Green Bay Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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