Who Owns Calia?

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Women’s fitness attire by Calia is stylish and practical enough to be worn all day. A variety of lovely colors, prints, and patterns are available in the brand’s stylish sportswear.

Performance technology is included to the clothing in this collection to keep you feeling comfortable, light, and free. Calia fitness attire combines aesthetic appeal with practicality and functionality. Even on leisure days, you’ll want to wear items from this collection.

A Calia review will go through some of the company’s best-selling products. Among these are a cute pair of shorts that come in a rainbow of colors and a well-made sports bra for high-intensity activity.

Calia is made for the busy modern lady who frequently has a lot on her plate and needs to save time wherever she can. You can move from one area to another without changing into a different outfit after each activity thanks to the technology used in this line of sportswear.

Who Owns Calia?

A workout wear company called Calia is now a part of singer Carrie Underwood’s growing business. The range of leggings, loungewear, and stylish tops was developed by Underwood in partnership with the American sports goods retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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