Who Owns Central Power Systems And Services?

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Diesel engines, on-highway vehicles, generators, and construction machinery are all supported and serviced to the highest standard by Central Power.

In addition to delivering top-notch support, Central Power Systems and Services is committed to establishing enduring relationships built on trust. Central Power has been providing and supporting equipment for power generation since 1954.

They have the tools and expertise to deliver what their customers require, from prime power to more complex CHP and microgrid applications.

MTU North America’s 2016 Distributor of the Year for Power Generation went to Central Power. It was an honor for the business to be named MTU Global Power Generation Distributor of the Year the following year.

Who Owns Central Power Systems And Services?

Robin Roberts relocated to Kansas City, partnering with John Cosgrove as the new owner of Central Power. The business kept all of our customary business segments.

The ownership team developed a vision to create a new legacy based on diversification, growth, and expansion with a dedication to creating a strong family-oriented culture for its employees with an eye toward the future.


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