Who Owns Goodwill?

Industries International Inc., commonly referred to as just “Goodwill” in speech and writing, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in the United States that offers job training, employment placement assistance, and other community-based programs for people who face employment-related challenges.

Additionally, veterans and those with employment issues or lack of education are hired by Goodwill Industries. A network of 3,200+ retail thrift stores that also function as autonomous nonprofits fund the organization.

With 165 regional Goodwill retail locations in the United States and Canada, Goodwill Industries operates as a network of independent, community-based organizations in South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, the United States, and eight other nations. It was first known as Goodwill in 1915 and gradually grew after its foundation in 1902.
The stylised letter “g” of the Goodwill Industries logo resembles a happy face. Joseph Selame created it in 1968.

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Who Owns Goodwill?

Like other NGOs, Goodwill is led by reputable corporate figures, with guidance from a volunteer board of directors. No one actually “owns” Goodwill.

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