Who Owns The Shade Room?

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Media company The Shade Room (TSR) was established by Angelica Nwandu. The Shade Room provides hourly celebrity and topical news, mostly to the African American population. In this context, “shade” is a slang term for jokes or wisecracks, particularly those made with the intention of degrading their target (s).

Rapper Trina got involved in a fight outside a Miami nightclub on February 22, 2016, and The Shade Room was the first to report it. With one distinction, majority of The Shade Room’s news is reported primarily on Instagram.

The Shade Room has also been compared to MediaTakeOut. It has received attention from celebrities due to its large viewership, and some have even interacted with it directly. Nwandu has retreated to allow others to engage, and is no longer the site’s main voice. The TSR reported having 21 million Instagram followers as of October 2020.

Who Owns The Shade Room?

The Shade Room, an Instagram-based media company that specializes in celebrity rumors, was founded by Angelica Nwandu. Since then, the website has expanded to include news about Black culture and politics.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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