Who Owns Trumpy Bear?

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Trumpy Bears, the big American grizzlies and fearless teddy bears, are stacked high inside a Dallas warehouse. Trumpy Bear, a teddy bear with shocks of blond hair and bushy eyebrows modeled after President Donald Trump’s, has been available since 2017, but it only recently became popular due to a trending Twitter post. As stated by Brackett, Trumpy Bear is available in two sizes. Its website shows a model that is 22 inches tall and weighs roughly 2 pounds.

Who Owns Trumpy Bear?

The widely circulated commercial’s makers claim that Trumpy Bear is not a joke, despite the fact that many people have questioned whether it is. The firm selling it, Exceptional Products Inc., is a legitimate one with its headquarters in Dallas. Additionally, Exceptional Products advertises its goods on television and through infomercials for items like Plaque Attack, Hairdini, and Save a Blade.

Although Trumpy Bear is based in Dallas, its creator, V.L. Lange, is from New Jersey. She claims to have created the bear in the likeness of Trump after his election.


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