Who Owns Wet’n’Wild?

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Wet’n’Wild is a brand used for many water parks across the world that are owned by Village Roadshow Theme Parks and EPR Properties.

This brand is not to be confused with the Wet ‘n Wild brand that is originally owned by SeaWorld creator George Millay or Wet N’ Wild Waterworld, which is a stand-alone water park in Anthony, Texas.

The Wet’n’Wild brand originates from Wet’n’Wild Water World on the Gold Coast in Australia. It first opened in 1984 as the Cade’s County Waterpark, before 1987, when it was renamed Wet’n’Wild after a licensing agreement was reached with the chain of Wet ‘n Wild water parks overseas.

Who Owns Wet’n’Wild?

Wet’n’Wild is owned by Village Roadshow Theme Parks and EPR Properties.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks is a division of Village Roadshow Limited which operates theme parks and attractions in Australia and the United States. The Sydney Attractions Group Pty Ltd was formerly part of the Village Roadshow Theme Parks; however, it was sold to Merlin Entertainment in 2011.

EPR Properties, formerly called Entertainment Properties Trust, is a real estate investment trust based in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, that invests in movie theaters, ski resorts, amusement parks, and other entertainment properties. The company owns 353 properties as of 2022.


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