Who Rocked It Better, Nkechi Blessing Or Blessing CEO?

Controversial Nigerian celebrities and acclaimed expert both wore similar dresses and looked stunning!

The black net dress with embroidery accentuated the curves of both celebrities, leaving one wondering who pulled it off better.

Who Rocked It Better, Or Blessing CEO?

Nkechi Blessing previously confirmed some personal details about her sexual fantasies and abstinence.

The outspoken actor revealed this in a current Instagram post with fans and a group of friends. When questioned when she had her last sexual encounter, she replied, “February 13th, this year.”

The actress stated that she does not participate in protected sex because she has herself medically examined after each relationship. “I am free because every three months I am tested.” I actually take a Hepatitis B test.

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When I leave someone, I make sure to check if he has transferred something that was not supposed to be in my body, and if he has, I flush it out and start afresh, because right now I am a virgin, clean, and before anyone can come in, you must be tested. “Now that I’ve flushed the last one, I’m completely free.”

Nkechi Blessing also agreed that she is still in contact with some of her ex-lovers, except for those who gossip about her. “I’ll never be friends with an ex who goes around chatting nonsense.”

She refused being a lady lover when accused, saying, “The person who said it on the live video said he never said such.” I am not a hater; I am a woman who enjoys complimenting other women because I am not a hater and I like girls who like girls.”

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Who Rocked It Better, Nkechi Blessing Or Blessing CEO?

Who Rocked It Better, Nkechi Blessing Or Blessing CEO?

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