Who was David Boggs’ wife? Meet Marcia Bush

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Born in 1950, Co-founder of Ethernet protocol, David Boggs, has died. He died on February 19, 2022 at the age of 71.

According to NYTimes that first broke the news, David Boggs is said to have died at Stanford Hospital. The cause of his death has been confirmed as a heart attack.

In the spring of 1973, just after enrolling as a graduate student at Stanford University, Mr. Boggs began an internship at Xerox PARC, a Silicon Valley research lab that was developing a new kind of personal computer.

One afternoon, in the basement of the lab, he noticed another researcher tinkering with a long strand of cable.

The researcher, another new hire named Bob Metcalfe, was exploring ways of sending information to and from the lab’s new computer, the Alto. Mr. Metcalfe was trying to send electrical pulses down the cable, and he was struggling to make it work. So Mr. Boggs offered to help.

Over the next two years, they designed the first version of Ethernet.

“He was the perfect partner for me,” Mr. Metcalfe said in an interview. “I was more of a concept artist, and he was a build-the-hardware-in-the-back-room engineer.”

Despite his achievement, he has always lived a low-key life. So details on his family are scarce.

Who was David Boggs’ wife?

The name of David Boggs’ wife has been established as Marcia Bush. It is not known when they are exactly married. However, online sources say they have been married for so many years now. Marcia was the one that confirmed the cause of the death of her husband.

She is reported to have stayed beside her husband until he breathed his last.

Also, it is obvious the couple didn’t have any children. David was survived by his brother, Walter Boggs and wife, Marcia Bush.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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