Kevin Samuels was best-known for his job as a Youtuber who was born on March 13, 1965. Kevin used his Youtube channel to provide relationship counseling and also act as a life coach to people who looked up to him and listened to his insightful words.

Kevin became a bit successful in this field of work, where he had millions of people subscribing to his YouTube and gain large numbers of followers on social media.

Who Was Kevin Samuels First Wife? Where Is Kevin Samuels Wife Now?

Although as a social media person, Kevin has kept his personal life from the media and the internet. But it is known that he had two marriages meaning he got married twice.

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With his first wife, they had a daughter together. His marriage to his first wife ended after a year and that of his second wife ended after three years.

Their names are not known on the Internet.  There where about of his first wife is not known on the Internet yet. 

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