Who Won The Vietnam War?

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The Vietnam War was a struggle that lasted from 1 November 1955[A 2] until Saigon fell on 30 April 1975 in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Officially, North Vietnam and South Vietnam engaged in the second of the Indochina Wars.

The Soviet Union, China, and other communist nations backed the North, while the United States and other anti-communist allies backed the South.

The conflict is frequently referred to as a Cold War-era proxy conflict. It lasted approximately 20 years, with the U.S. ceasing to directly participate in it in 1973.

The conflict also spread to nearby states, aggravating the Laotian and Cambodian Civil Wars, which culminated in the establishment of communist regimes in all three nations by 1975.

Who Won The Vietnam War?

Because of the polarized views in the United States during the conflict, the debate about who won the Vietnam conflict is divisive and emotive.

In contrast to the United States, North Vietnam eventually succeeded in achieving all of its strategic objectives. The majority of historians concur that North Vietnam won the conflict.

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