Why are people boycotting Carhartt?


is a company that deals in the production and supply of workwear. The company has come under heavy backlash for its decision to continue requiring its workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The company’s stance has led to a social media backlash against the workwear brand. Letters were earlier this week, sent to workers illustrating the company’s stance on vaccine. When the letters were shared on social media, it took no time for netizens to vent their rage against Carhartt.

The letter was sent following last week’s Supreme Court ruling against President Biden’s plan to require vaccines or routine COVID testing at companies with more than 100 workers.

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Why are people boycotting Carhartt?

This issue on vaccines do not go down well with everyone. There are conservatives who believe vaccines should not be mandatory for everyone. Why? Because they believe they are ineffective against the very purposes they (vaccines) are intended for

Many reacted negatively on social media, using a #BoycottCarhartt tag against Carhartt, which is popular with conservatives. By Wednesday afternoon, the brand had been mentioned in more than 50,000 similar tweets.

Netizens are planning to stop patronizing the company should it hold stubbornly to its stance.

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