On social media, the debate over why sanitary pads are not free for ladies and women continues. The topic has been addressed by legendary singer

The father of three daughters took to Instagram to ask why sanitary pads are not free for the gender that requires them.

According to 2Baba, public toilets and tissue papers are free because one must excrete natural feces. A woman's monthly flow, on the other hand, is natural, but what is required to maintain it is not free.


According to report, 2Baba gave his fans some relationship advice.

The father of seven, who has been in and out of a number of relationships, took to Instagram to advise people not to put love aside because of a failed relationship.

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According to the ‘unconditional love' singer, a decent person and a player use the same words and actions because many people are skilled at concealing red flags.

He wrote: Na the same similar words and actions that the genuine person will use to win your heart will be used by the player.

Some people have perfected the art of concealing red flags.

As a result, never let it depress you or cause you to push love away. Nothing is wrong with you.

Why Aren't Sanitary Pads Free? - 2baba Asks A Straightforward Question

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