Why Bolanle Ninalowo Refused To Kiss Me On Set – Zainab Bakare Painfully Reveals To Biola Adebayo

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Nollywood actress Bakare Zainab recently shared an incredible experience she had with her older colleague, Bolanle Ninalowo.

In an interview with Biola Bayo, she revealed that Bolanle turned her down because she was not an A-list actress.

Bolanle Ninalowo informed the director that she wasn’t an A-list actress and that he couldn’t kiss her while they were filming a scene.

She claimed that his words stuck with her and that they were still ringing in her ears.

“Why would an actor look at me and tell me say I only kiss A-list? Because I say it in every interview, it really got into my body.

Though he didn’t tell me directly, he told my Director, that he couldn’t kiss me.

I can never forget it, because I say it in every interview and it keeps ringing in my head”.

Why Bolanle Ninalowo Refused To Kiss Me On Set – Zainab Bakare Painfully Reveals To Biola Adebayo

Her statement elicited mixed reactions, with some expressing support for her and others siding with Bolanle Ninalowo.

One Teeto Olayeni wrote, “Same Nino that looks like he has gbegiri in his mouth? My dear his loss o

One Cinnamon Frosting wrote, “No vex dear

One Leo Blings wrote, “Na his choice

One Being Mrs Babs wrote, “No vex, maybe he no dey in the mood

One Trophy wrote, “That is so unprofessional of him!! It means you know your job more than him

One Barbie Luxury wrote, “Madam go and sleep step up ur game some people get bad breath and mouth odor

One V Ezeobi wrote, “He has pride, if you get pride leave acting na

One Kamisha wrote, “A lot of us sound stup!d. He had already said he only kisses A-list actors before even meeting her so which one be maybe her mouth dey smell

One Jacklyn Barbie wrote, “He should also say he only acts with A-list actors. Is he an A-list actor? If so, did he just become an A-list actor at once

One Marie Virtuals wrote, “E pain am. Men with standard

One Just Call Me Chyna wrote, “She sounds pained thou


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