Why Caitlyn Jenner Is ‘Really Into’ Pete Davidson With Kim Kardashian?


Caitlyn Jenner is hanging around for Kete! In an appearance on The Pivot Podcast, Jenner shared why she’s “truly into” her stepdaughter, , and as a team.

“As a matter of fact, I’m truly into Pete at the present time, with Kim,” Jenner shared.


She proceeded, “We got an entertainer in the family. Whoopee! We want a jokester in the family. We don’t require more rappers, we want jokesters in the family.”

The previous Olympian shared that she provided Davidson with her blessing subsequent to meeting him and investing energy with the couple at her Malibu home.


“However, Pete is – – they came over recently, because I told Kim, ‘Hey now, I haven’t even met him yet,’ so she brought him over and we put two or three hours here at the house together and totally different than what she would typically date, yet Kimberly has experienced a ton with the folks she’s been with.”

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While Jenner noticed that Davidson isn’t Kardashian’s standard kind, he comes as a much-needed refresher after her confounded union with Kanye “Ye” West.


“Particularly, Kanye,” she proceeded. “Extremely convoluted person. I truly enjoyed Kanye. I coexisted with him so well. Two of us did extraordinary together, and through in any event, when I progressed, he was so my ally, lovin’ it, yet he was extremely challenging to live with.”


Jenner said Davidson is “180 degrees the other bearing” from West.

“That is to say he, first of all, treats her so well,” she said. “Furthermore, when they were here, Kim is so blissful. Furthermore, Kim should be blissful.”

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“She’s had to deal with a ton in her life,” Jenner proceeded. A ton. Furthermore, she merits joy.


Furthermore, that fulfilled me. I said, ‘alright, great. I like Pete.’ I can tell a few wisecracks with them.”

With regards to her kids and their accomplices, Jenner said by the day’s end, she simply needs to ensure they’re being dealt with well.


“The main thing I need is, I believe that any of these folks should treat them well, number 1,” Jenner kept up with. “I don’t need any bullsh*t. You treat them well and satisfy them.”

Jenner’s endorsement comes after a source told ET that Kardashian’s family is “completely fixated” with the comic.

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“The family are completely fixated on Pete and totally revere the way that he has such a lot of adoration for Kim and her little ones,” the source shared. “The 100% support.”

Things between the couple, the source added, are “simple, consistent and fun,” and the unscripted television star predicts a future with Davidson.


“They are totally themselves around one another and Kim feels extraordinarily good, safeguarded, and secure when she’s with Pete,” the source noted. “She certainly predicts areas of strength for a, and promising future with him. He is so deferential of her and deals with her like an outright sovereign.”

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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