Why Did James Argent And Stella Turian Split?

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A well-known character in the British entertainment industry, James Argent is a 35-year-old former star of the reality TV program “The Only Way Is Essex” (TOWIE).

His sobriety path and personal challenges have garnered media attention, in addition to his reality TV appearances.

Argent has been transparent about his struggles with body weight and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

He has effectively conquered many of his issues after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery and therapy.

Public knowledge of his romantic life also includes his high-profile on/off relationship with Gemma Collins. The Italian law student and aspiring actress Stella Turian was the subject of his most recent relationship.

Why Did James Argent And Stella Turian Split?

The challenges of sustaining a long-distance relationship led James Argent and Stella Turian to decide to call it quits.

James finds it difficult to spend time with Stella because she lives in the Italian Alps and is pursuing careers in acting and law.

Their 16-year age difference was not mentioned as the main cause of their breakup.

For more than a year, the pair had been able to maintain their connection, but obstacles arose from the demands of their separate work schedules, particularly in the summer.

Despite having mutually decided to call it quits, they still stay in touch on social media and don’t seem to have any bitter feelings against one another.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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