Why Did Joni Mitchell Leave Spotify?

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On November 7, 1943, Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, and painter Joni Mitchell was born Roberta Joan Anderson. Her notable contributions to pop, rock, and folk music helped her become widely recognised.

Mitchell has gained recognition throughout her extensive career for her unique voice, poignant lyrics, and taste in avant-garde music. She has a passionate fan following and has received accolades from critics for her skill as a songwriter as well as for her ability to meld different genres, such as pop, jazz, rock and folk.

Joni Mitchell is best known for her albums “Blue,” “Court and Spark,” “Hejira,” and “Both Sides Now.” Some of her best-known songs are “Big Yellow Taxi,” “Woodstock,” “A Case of You,” and “River,” which have all had a significant influence on the music industry.

Why Did Joni Mitchell Leave Spotify?

Joni Mitchell took her songs off Spotify. The famous singer said she will take her songs off Spotify because she disagrees with Joe Rogan’s podcast spreading wrong information about COVID-19 and vaccines.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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