Why Did Shan George Lie? – Reactions As Man Shares Video Of Hanks Anuku Speaking Gibberish At A Bar

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Hanks Anuku, an actor, has been captured in a new video speaking in a way that suggests the claims about him not being well are true.

He was in a bar with a group of people when a lady approached him and tried to engage him in conversation, but his words made no sense to anyone.

The exchange in which Hanks suddenly erupted in rage was being recorded by a man sitting close to them.

The people around him were laughing as the Nollywood actor joined various words that couldn’t be put together to make a coherent sentence.

Why Did Shan George Lie? – Reactions As Man Shares Video Of Hanks Anuku Speaking Gibberish At A Bar

He refers to the woman’s phone as her nose at one point in the video clip. Netizens, however, expressed concern and suggested that those in positions to assist ensure he receives medical attention if a gofundme page is set up.

Meanwhile, many people were disappointed in Shan George after she said, contrary to reports, that Tom Hanks was fine.

In reaction, breeze_411 wrote; Now see what the woman was talking about that other Aunty na lie full her cheek

pyperlolo; I love this bros when I was growing up God please help him

unclelloyd01; Hanks ❤️ He needs help, Please let him not end up like Majek Fashek.

omalifyy; Stay away from drugs… E get why

emmybliss_07; What he need is to stop taking hard drugs nobody can’t help him he is the only one to advise himself then others can come in.

nancy_penieee1i; But why did shan george lie….ther was absolutely no nid.

dharey06; They should open gofundme for him atleast we can contribute for him

tr0nshiii455; After watching this, it’s clear that he needs help

call_me_fvnds; Everything is not okay 😢

tundaeynewmvn; I respected shan george growing up but this her lie no make sense.


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