is one of the most reliable music platforms to enjoy your favorite genre of music, podcasts, and more others.

The beneficial app is available on most mobile devices and has an excellent service compatible with most computers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes almost anywhere. But this time around, the service was disrupted, preventing users from enjoying music throughout the day.

Why did Spotify log me out?

If Spotify logs you out when you're on your device, have a chill. This is a sign that something is wrong with their service. If you continue to experience issues, the entire platform was likely down and you should check a few reliable sources for updates on the development of the problem.

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The first place you must reach is the Spotify Status Twitter account. This account provides updates when the service is disrupted and lets users know when the problems are resolved.

Again, you can visit Down Detector to see if other users are complaining about the issues.

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