Why do beluga whales eat ice?

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Beluga whales are excellent migrators that inhabit the Arctic and surrounding areas. The ability of beluga whales to adapt to the extremely cold climate is closely related to their need for ice to survive.

According to studies, ice not only provides drinking water for beluga whales but is also necessary for their foraging, hiding, and reproductive processes.

Because belugas are carnivores, their main food sources are fish and crustaceans. Ice is vital for hunting prey.

In order to keep their prey at bay or restricted to specific areas, beluga whales use ice to create a barrier on the water’s surface.

Because of their unique hunting technique, beluga whales are able to increase their hunting success and forage more efficiently.

Why do beluga whales eat ice?

Beluga whales live in areas of the sea that are mostly frozen into ice. But in order to stay warm, beluga whales need to expend a lot of thermal energy due to the very low water temperatures in the Arctic.

As a result, they require a lot of water in addition to themselves to stay hydrated. By chewing and swallowing ice cubes, beluga whales are able to obtain some of the nutrients from them.


Source: Vimbuzz.com

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