Why Do Dolphins Eat Ice?

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Dolphin behavior has been studied for decades, and the results have shown that these creatures are more complex than simple leapers and clickers.

Their behaviors are diverse and often a combination of instinct, taught behavior, and environmental adaptation.

Dolphins, being warm-blooded mammals, must control their body temperature because the temperature of their aquatic habitats varies.

One may see ice serving as a cooling agent, akin to a cold compress on a hot day. In spite of this, a detailed investigation of the thermodynamics of dolphin physiology is required.

Why Do Dolphins Eat Ice?

Dolphins kept in captivity are fed artificial nutrition and made to consume dead fish that have lost a significant amount of water in order to satisfy their captors.

In order to provide dolphins with the water they require to survive, ice or icy gelatin is provided to them to prevent dehydration.

Ice looks like it doesn’t provide much nutrients at first. After all, it’s just frozen water.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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