Why Do Guys Want You To Send Them Pictures?

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Guys frequently request photos whenever they text a lady. it feels like the first thing they want from you, which may occasionally be a little irritating. There are more subtle reasons why guys ask for images despite what some people may believe: that he only wants to see how you appear or prove to their friends how attractive you are.

Why Do Guys Want You To Send Them Pictures?

  • Guys want to see your appearance.

He might have seen photos of you in the past, but they might have been outdated or inaccurate. For instance, if someone takes a phone shot of you at night or when you were in secondary school, it typically comes out looking terrible. There is a need to send him your current photos to clear his mind on the old ones.

  • Guys are Interested to See If You’re their Type.

This justification holds for both attractive and ugly girls. Even if a guy doesn’t care about appearances, he will pursue the girl he believes to be his type even if she isn’t particularly pretty. This is because it seems to reason that he would seek out someone with comparable interests and personality if he were seeking a short-term relationship. Even if you’re not the sexiest lady in the world, he will be interested in you if he learns about your interests or likes your personality.

  • Guys are curious about how you seem without makeup.

This might be a significant factor in guys requesting images when a relationship is just getting started. They do this so they can judge how you appear without cosmetics by seeing how you appear without them. This is primarily for attractive girls, although the girls in the photographs all have a lot of makeup on. He’ll want to see how you look without makeup or eyeliner and if you have a natural beauty that he likes.

  • The guy wants to know how you appear in various outfits.

This reason pertains primarily to attractive girls. He wants to see how you seem in various outfits or clothing so that he can determine whether you are his type and which types of clothing flatter you and which do not. He can get a false impression of what a female appears like in particular outfits if she doesn’t show him any images.

There are several other reasons but to mention a few. aside from the justification given before requesting a picture during texting, bear in mind the following reasons before sending any type of picture to a guy; will he delete the picture you have sent afterward, can be picture be used against you when there is a breakup. Ladies be conscious always.

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