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“Why Do I Keep Peeing Myself?” – Zoleka Mandela

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Renowned activist and author Zoleka Mandela have taken time to share every little detail of her journey towards delivering her sixth child with her fandom.


The 41-year-old and mother of 5 has shared everything from doctor’s visits, cravings, changes in her body and google searches with her followers who seem to really relate to her experiences through her pregnancy.


Taking to her Instagram, Zoleka Mandela wrote, “Hello, my name is Zoleka Mandela. I am over 8 months pregnant and this is who I have become or what has become of my coughing, sneezing and laughing … There goes my street cred!!! 🤣 The irony of it all is .. Now that my 3yr old is finally potty trained, it turns out that I’m still not at 41yrs – I’m just wondering if I can fit into her step 7 diapers?”.


She also posted a picture of her recent google searches to understand some changes in her bladder control.


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