Why do some people hate pastors & ministers of God despite the good things they have done? – Mike Bamiloye asks

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Pastor Mike Bamiloye does not understand why some people hate pastors despite the good things they have done. Sharing his worry on this, the Nigerian man of God is seeking for answers.

He took to Instagram to ask his followers why this is the case?

In his post, the clergyman wrote;

Why Do Some People just hate Pastors and Ministers of God, no matter how good things they have done?

They Do Not Even care to separate the Fake from the Genuine Pastors.
They just hate them for being Pastors.

I want you to know that there is a Spirit behind hating the Ministers of the Gospel and Pastors and Shepherds of His Fold

That Spirit behind the HATRED is DEMONIC. It is the spirit of the Devil.

That a Pastor had Scammed You sometimes in the past now pitch you against all Pastors, is a dangerous game that pitches your life against the Lord and His Anointed Ones.

It is a Dangerous Game.
Stop it, I advice you.

I am not speaking In Support of FAKE PASTORS and Religious Scammers, they are under God’s Judgment already.

But RESIST the general Temptations of attacking Pastors and Servants of God who need solid Encouragement in the Vineyard.


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