Why does Manfred Mugler look like that?


Why does Manfred Mugler look like that?: Fashion designer  has built his brand name to peak his company at the top such that, he continued to create costumes for his celebrity friends even after his initial retirement from fashion designing in 2003.

The fashion icon has worked with the likes of  Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Jerry Hall amongst other famous personalities.

Muglar has however suffered a series of accidents throughout his life with his face being the persistent victim.

Thierry Mugler got his nose damaged due to a jeep accident however, his face had initially been smashed as a result of an event in the gym.

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The icon had to undergo many facial reconstruction surgeries as warned by his doctor in order to repair the damage caused by the accidents.

In 2019, Mugler made headlines in the news after his recovery from the surgeries which turned the reason for his new look.

He subsequently ventured into bodybuilding and made news with a robust muscled body and a tattoo.

Though a drastic change, the fashion star’s look was well-received by the public.

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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