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Why Has She Stopped Wearing Her Wedding Ring? Netizens Quiz As Asantewaa Drops Photos To Mark Her 29th Birthday

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In Ghana, people talk about issues that are not of public concern but private and ignore issues of public interest that will move this country forward. Asantewaa is under that troll button and it is being pressed so hard by netizens.

It is all about the absence of the ring on her finger. She has been on several occasions accused of having something to do with her manager which has been refuted by the two of them.

At one point, someone snitched on her to her husband and he has to go to the hotel where they were producing just to confirm for himself if they are in any uncompromising state.

A picture shared by Asantewaa to mark her 29th birthday shows that she is not wearing her ring and that has become the talk in town now. She is being dragged for not putting on her ring. We are very sure she will come out to state her reasons. We will keep you updated.


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