Why I Canceled N500m Show With Asake And N250m With Ayra Starr – Laguna Show Abidjan Organizer Reveals

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Abidjan concert organizer explains how he had to cancel Asake’s N50m and Ayra Star’s N250m shows owing to their exorbitant demands.

The show’s organizer revealed that Asake and Ayra Starr were paid a 50% advance to perform in Abidjan on a private jet.

He claimed that Asake asked to be picked up in Los Angeles, flown to Lagos, Abidjan, and returned to Lagos in a private jet. But the concert promoter couldn’t take any more, so the PJ was called off.

Also, Ayra Starr received €75,000 (a 50% advance) for her performance in Abidjan, along with plans for a commercial flight.

But Ayra Starr asked for a private plane to take her to Los Angeles, and the PJ couldn’t accommodate her request, so the flight was canceled.

Why I canceled N500m show with Asake and N250m with Ayra Starr - Laguna Show Abidjan organizer reveals

In his words:

“Asake was paid €175,000 (50% advance) to perform in Abidjan with a private jet. A few days before Grammy night, Asake requested that the private jet should come to pick him up in Los Angeles, take him to Lagos, to Abidjan then take him back to Lagos and from there to his next destination. I had to cancel because I couldn’t take it anymore”

“Ayra Starr was also paid €75,000 (50% advance) to perform in Abidjan, she was supposed to take a commercial flight to Abidjan. A few days before Grammy night, she asked if she could get a private jet and I said no problem since we already paid for a PJ for Asake and he’s canceled, so the PJ is available to pick her up in Lagos. Ayra Starr said the PJ should come pick her up in Los Angeles and I said, no I can’t do this, then canceled her too”


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