Why I Cried And Blocked Davido – Korra Obidi narrates

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Nigerian singer and dancer Korra Obidi, who is well-known in the United States, has spoken out about her horrible experience at Chris Brown and Davido’s after-party.

Remember how Davido’s album Timeless garnered him three Grammy nominations? Even though he lost them all, he nevertheless made the most of the night by attending the US after-party.

Korra Obidi, who was also there at the Grammys, opened up about her unpleasant experience at Davido’s after-party in a recent live chat with fans, saying she was treated with the coldest shoulder ever.

The mother of two said in the Live video that she had received help from one of Davido’s assistants to get a pass to the after-party.

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She also mentioned that she had a pleasant talk with Davido during their brief encounter and got a close-up view of Chris Brown during the celebration.

She made it apparent that she was sober, but she stated that she had been feeling uneasy throughout the festivities and wanted to spend some alone time in the restroom to compose herself.

To her great astonishment, Korra described how a security guard, who had been giving her odd vibes at the party, barged into the lavatory and urged her to leave right away.

She claimed that despite her objections, she was abruptly left outside in the bitter cold, without her coat or any other possessions.

Korra claimed that the security personnel practically forced her out, and that Chris Brown and Davido, who were present the entire time, witnessed the incident. She added that she couldn’t stop weeping.

She disclosed that the incident had troubled her for several nights, prompting her to start a blocking campaign and sever all ties to it, including her relationship with Davido.

Korra said that she had not decided to unblock Davido until he had gotten in touch with her.


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