Why I Stopped Smoking Weed – Singer Bella Shmurda Shares

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Abiola Ahmed Akinbiyi, well known as Bella Shmurda, a popular Nigerian artist, has stated why he decided to cease consuming marijuana.

During an interview with the UK’s “In My Opinion” podcast, the singer was asked to reveal a personal detail about himself that some may find surprising.

Bella Shmurda responded by saying he doesn’t smoke igbo, or marijuana. He gave his justification, saying that he used to smoke but had to give it up because of worry about the future and anxiousness.

He stated that he had given up smoking four years prior and had only smoked and used alcohol since then.

Regarding the question of whether, as many have speculated, smoking marijuana enhanced his creativity, he said

Why I stopped smoking weed – Singer Bella Shmurda shares

Reacting to the post..

@El Chapo noted: “He looks healthy now”

@beatriceakn stated: “Love for him keeping it real about the negative effect it had. So many people are scared to admit it”

@khalifaseaboi1011 asked: “You leave Igbo Dey smoke cigarette

@lappoosky queried: “Different between cigar and weed ? No be same intestine e dey damage”

@Zhee said: “Since it’s affecting him mentally, good for him to stop. But I thought cigarette is worse”


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