“Why It Is Important For Your Friends To Be As Successful As You”- Kiekie Spills

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Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori, a Nigerian skit maker, content creator, and actress known as Kiekie, has revealed why it is important for one’s circle to be as successful as they are.

She stated in a video posted to her social media page that something happened to her that taught her the value of having successful friends.

She said that she needed four upscale cars for a shoot on set, and her friends stepped up with Range Rovers, Mercedes, and Lexuses. She became interested in this.

“Something happened to me today and it made me realize that in life it is very important for your click of friends to be successful, it’s beautiful. I was doing a shoot and I needed 4 premium cars and was able to call my friends and they were able to come through with Mercedes, Lexus, and Range Rover”.

Many people agreed with Kiekie in the comments section, noting how important having a wealthy circle is.

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One Mheenarh wrote, “Apart from that sef, you are not safe if you are the only rich one in your circle

One Ego Oyiiboo wrote, “These Gen Z generation completion wan kee them

One The Real Maya Amaka wrote, “But almost 90% of Nigerians who are successful are yahoo boys and politicians

One Brandit Business wrote, “Someone is finally saying this. How can you have a friend who thinks that an expensive phone is a waste of money and the money should be used for something else

One Access Ories Byds wrote, “The Koko is to have a supportive circle of friends. No be by car abeg

One Deroy Synergies wrote, “Honest bitter truth cos some people evil mind no go allow them to support this motion. Pray for your circle of friendships or anyone connected to you, to be blessed

One Vee Vogee wrote, “Pray for your friends t be successful. The w@r us against poverty

One Rosy Throne wrote, “Money is sweeter when you and ur circle are successful

One Olive Praise wrote, “When all of una get money they will be no hate or backlash among you guys


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