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Why NeNe Leakes Has ‘No Feelings’ About Lawsuit From Her Boyfriend’s Wife

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NeNe Leakes says she stays out of other people’s affairs, and that is the reason she has “no sentiments” about a claim recorded against her that basically blames her for taking a lady’s better half.

The 54-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta alum talked with ET’s Rachel Smith and said any lawful show happening with her sweetheart, Nyonisela J. Sioh, and his better half, Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh, ought to remain their business and their business as it were.

“I feel like it’s their business and not mine, right?” Leakes said. “I feel like I was hauled into something simply not my business. They have their own legitimate thing that is going on. I ought not be brought into it, that’s it in a nutshell. In this way, I truly have no sentiments about it. I truly believe that it’s something that [Nyonisela] needs to deal with himself.”

Recently, Tehmeh-Sioh sued Leakes for distance of love and criminal discussion. As per the court docs, Sioh and Tehmeh-Sioh, who secured the bunch in 2016 and share an 11-year-old child, isolated approximately Dec. 17.

Leakes was first connected to Sioh in December, and they went Instagram official sometime thereafter, on Dec. 28, with Leakes sharing pics and recordings from their ocean-side escape.

Per Tehmeh-Sioh’s suit, she and her better half purportedly “partook in a certifiable blissful conjugal relationship, in which some level of affection, love, society, friendship, solace, fellowship and ideal mental disposition existed between them” preceding Leakes’ “illegitimate obstruction and lead.”

Tehmeh-Sioh asserts in her suit that Sioh and Leakes “took part in a continuous heartfelt, uninhibited and two-timing issue” without her “insight or assent.”

Of Leakes, Tehmeh-Sioh asserted that the previous reality star “has freely presented and progresses forward openly post criticizing, unseemly and inhumane private pictures of herself with [Tehmeh-Sioh’s] spouse via virtual entertainment bringing on additional shame and embarrassment.”

The unscripted television star tended to the claims on Instagram, laughing at the thought she’s “a spouse stealer.” She said, “There ain’t no one over here taking husbands… No one needs to take no other person’s concerns.”

Furthermore, that is by all accounts not the only claim in Leakes’ circle. She likewise sued the organizations behind RHOA, charging that they cultivated and endured a threatening and bigoted workplace.

The claim, recorded in the Atlanta government court, records NBCUniversal, Bravo, the creation organizations True Entertainment and Truly Original, leaders from the organizations and Housewives chief maker Andy Cohen as respondents, as per reports got by ET.

The suit asserts, “NBC, and its parent organization Comcast, sustain the absence of variety in the business. Leakes, who left the establishment in September 2020, asserted, through her lawyer, David DeRubertis, that she was the objective of fundamental prejudice from co-star Kim Zolciak-Biermann, and that such a way of behaving was endured by Cohen and different chiefs. ET has contacted Cohen, Bravo, NBC and Zolciak-Biermann for input.

To the extent that her claim against Cohen, Leakes claims she’s gotten radio quiet since recording the claim in April.

“I haven’t heard from anyone,” she said, “however I have a great emotionally supportive network around me, so I am doing all around well.”

While that lawful wreck runs it course in court, Leakes is participating in the BET+ reality series College Hill: Celebrity Edition, where she and seven different famous people will live respectively and go to Texas Southern University.

The gathering – – additionally contained Stacey Dash, Ray J, Lamar Odom, Big Freedia, Dreamdoll, India Love and Slim Thug – – will attempt to extend their instructive skylines in the eight-episode series debuting June 27 on BET+.

In any case, don’t depend on Leakes, who read up for a considerable length of time at Atlanta’s Morris Brown College, on returning to school full time, regardless of whether there’s a specific subject that provokes her curiosity notwithstanding its meticulousness.

“Assuming I returned, truly, I would concentrate on regulation,” she said. “I truly felt that regulation was truly fascinating. I was really threatened to do the law class. I was like, ‘Wow.’ I was up around midnight attempting to peruse the law book. It was so thick, it was a ton to peruse and I was like, ‘I’m perusing for 10 minutes and requiring a three-hour break.

Then perusing an additional 10 minutes and requiring a 18-hour break. Like, it was insane, yet when I got into [the] class, it was an adjudicator that was showing the class and she showed it all around well, and I viewed regulation as extremely fascinating.”

Leakes likewise talked about as yet lamenting her late spouse, Gregg, who kicked the bucket in September 2021 following a fight with colon disease. He was 66. She as of late took to Instagram to respect him on Father’s Day.

“I have ups and downs, you know, I’m actually lamenting,” Leakes said. “I believe that individuals think since you’ve continued on that you’re not lamenting. This individual was a major part of my life for a long time. I see things that help me to remember him.

One individual let me know that lost her significant other and she said, ‘You know, just consistently discuss it assuming you see it. Keep nothing in.’ So my circle is truly OK with me raising Gregg or discussing Gregg. So many of us know him because he was around for such a long time and you can’t simply disregard someone like that following 25 years. I’ve never had anyone pass on that near me. That was a sincerely trying time.”

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