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Why Queen Elizabeth Won’t Publicly Release Meghan Markle’s ‘Inflammatory’ Bullying Report

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Queen Elizabeth needs no a greater amount of the castle’s “grimy materials” circulated in broad daylight.

After it was uncovered that Buckingham Palace wouldn’t be delivering a report to people in general on the examination concerning claims that Meghan Markle “harassed” castle staff, ET illustrious master, Katie Nicholl, said that the Queen is giving her all to keep the matter “in-house” following an especially sensational year for the regal family.

“All that I’m listening to right now of the castle, is that the Queen needs no more show. She simply needs no more grimy materials circulated out in the open,” Nicholl shared.

She proceeded, “By taking it in-house, which is basically what the Queen has done, she is attempting to restrict any further harm, any further harm to the government, possibly any further harm to those individuals from staff who have made those charges and furthermore, perhaps to the Duchess of Sussex, who denied those claims.”

While attempting to restrict any further harm to those included, Nicholl said the Palace is attempting to safeguard those required as well as the sovereign endeavors to cover Meghan’s harassing report.

“Indeed, it’s been conjectured that the explanation that this examination won’t basically come around, in that frame of mind, to safeguard the people who stood up and made these charges of harassing against the Duchess of Sussex, to safeguard their security, to safeguard their namelessness. Also, there is some hypothesis that this could never have been especially charming perusing for the Duchess of Sussex, and conceivably she’s being safeguarded in all of this too.”

At last Nicholl said, it’s a question of keeping this especially “fiery” story unnoticed with an end goal to protect the standing of the government.

“Yet, I think this truly is only an instance of keep an actually quite fiery story unnoticed, not permitting any of it to be disclosed and what I assume, the strategy in this, is all to attempt to safeguard the honesty of those staff, of the Duchess of Sussex and without a doubt of the standing of the government,” she added.

The harassing examination was sent off in March 2021 following a report by The Times that was distributed only days before Meghan and Prince Harry’s sensation interview with Oprah Winfrey was set to air.

As per the report, Meghan confronted a tormenting protest at Kensington Palace back in October 2018, guaranteeing she “drove two individual colleagues out of the family and was sabotaging the certainty of a third staff part.”

A representative for Meghan and Harry denied the charge, considering it a “determined slanderous attack.”

In June 2021, the then-exceptionally expected report was postponed. At that point, a source told ET, “The consequences of the examination had been supposed to be delivered for the current week, yet it has been deferred.”

The source said it was muddled whether the full aftereffects of the report could at any point be unveiled to the press, or on the other hand assuming the Palace would just delivery proposals on how matters like these will be tended to from here on out. The source likewise told ET, at that point, that no schedule was given on when the discoveries would be distributed.

With the Palace and Queen declining to deliver their discoveries, it seems the examination concerning Meghan’s supposed harassing has been allegedly settled.

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