“Why The Sudden Beautifulness, AI Lamba ” — Reactions As Lord Lamba Shares New Photos From Paris

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When Lord Lamba posts new photographs from his vacation to Paris, the city of love, on Instagram, people criticize him for “over-editing.”

The creator of the comedy has acquired prominence as a result of his disagreement with Queen of BBNaija, his former closest friend.

The couple’s daughter’s father, Lord Lamba, came clean in public when Queen posted her engagement video with a different man.

Soon after the engagement, Lamba accepted his role as a parent and sued Queen to get full custody of his daughter.

He stated that he could not allow another man to raise his child as a father figure due to a variety of difficulties raised in the complaint.

Queen has yet to address the online scandal surrounding her and Lord Lamba.

Some reactions to Lord Lamba’s latest photographs

“Why The Sudden Beautifulness, AI Lamba ” — Reactions As Lord Lamba Shares New Photos From Paris

annie___grace asked: “Can I be your second baby mama? A baby boy this time”

ty_clarkie1 noted: “U still edit brows join….haaa my gender do this one”

official_vee_1 commented: “Lamba me and you know say u no fine as a guy. Why the sudden beautifulness 😂”

cute_rikkie said: “This one na Ai lamba 😂😂😂 you don over edits 😂

sasha_itota asked: “why you edit the pictures just to look like Queen’s new man 🤣🤣🤣 edit the height too. Did you take permission from your baby mama before traveling out????????”

helen_hucks200 said: “Crying and proving a point in Paris 😂😂better to cry in Paris 😂”

lilian_ajas wrote: “y’all should let him be b say he force the girl give am belle or he refused that the child was his… na Queen una supposed to ask why she dodge go knack hee bestie while having a man”


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