Why Was Joseph Emerson Pilot Alaska Airlines Arrested?

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Pilot Joseph David Emerson Pilot, 44, is a resident of Pleasant Hill. He is well-liked and thought well of in his neighbourhood and holds a pilot’s certificate from the FAA.

With his wife Sarah Stretch, two young sons, and two children, Emerson has a pleasant family life in Pleasant Hill. His house was frequently embellished for the seasons, with Halloween decorations on the front lawn among them.

Why Was Joseph Emerson Pilot Alaska Airlines Arrested?

When Joseph Emerson, an off-duty employee from another airline, sat in the jump seat in the cockpit of an apparently typical Horizon Air Flight 2059 from Everett, Washington, to San Francisco International Airport, chaos broke out.

In a terrifying turn of events, Emerson is said to have attempted to interfere with the plane’s engine function, putting the lives of 83 passengers and the crew in danger. Fortunately, the crew reacted quickly, keeping the engines running, and controlling Emerson.

The problem was reported by the flight’s pilots in an audio transmission that was able to record. Police from the Port of Portland arrested Emerson after an emergency landing at Portland International Airport.
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