“Why We Ought To Stop Bothering God About Our Physical Issues” – Mary Njoku Reveals To Nigerians

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Mary warned Nigerians in a letter to refrain from bothering God with their physical issues. She emphasized how despite having a large number of churches and mosques, Nigerians still lack access to food, security, infrastructure, good roads, and physical justice.

She also emphasized that despite the evil deeds of the corrupt politicians, God hasn’t punished them.

She cited the fact that Jesus Christ fed 5000 people physically, with bread and fish, rather than spiritually.

She interprets these as a warning to stop bothering him with our personal issues. God is aware of our sufferings, so we (Nigerians) need a practical solution to our problems in the nation.

She continued by saying that since He had given us life as a gift, we ought to make good use of it.

‘Hello, Nigerians.
We experience physical issues. Stop using spiritual remedies.

Jesus physically fed the crowd with bread and fish. not religious.

We have anointing because there are many churches and mosques in Nigeria. However, we lack access to food, transportation, security, and physical justice.

Despite all of our prayers, God never takes action against corrupt politicians. Shouldn’t we stop bothering him with our physical issues in light of this.

"Why We Ought To Stop Bothering God About Our Physical Issues" - Mary Njoku Reveals To Nigerians


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