Why Were Megaways Invented?

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The casino industry went online in the mid-1900s thanks to slot provider Microgaming and has since strived for excellence, bringing about innovations that keep players excited. The innovations are mostly a result of healthy competition between game developers striving to stand out and attract more players to their offerings. Several new mechanisms have graced the industry since, elevating the slot gameplay experience from what the Liberty Bell (the first slot machine) offered to a thrilling experience that keeps players glued to the monitors.

Today’s focus is the Megaways, a unique game mechanism that took the industry by storm, changing gameplay forever. This journey began with one title, a casino slots player favourite, before spreading like wildfire. Do you want to know how one of the most pivotal game mechanisms for slot machines was invented? Let’s jump in!

The Genesis of Megaways

This technology is truly a unique mechanism, and you’re about to find out why. Let’s digress a little and visit the gaming world. If you are a gamer or follow the news, you’ll know that the single-player medium took a backseat after Dota 2 was launched. This game brought famous multiplayer technology that all gamers have come to love. That’s similar to what top game developer Big Time Gaming (BTG) did with the Megaways mechanics.

This developer refers to itself as a thought leader in slot development, and we can’t help but agree. Following the success of this mechanic, they released another MegaClusters, which boomed as well as the first, but that’s a story for another day.

What the Megaways Mechanic Entails

As slot machines took a more modern approach, gameplay shifted to the 25 paylines structure. Most titles offered 25 paylines until late 2011, when Microgaming and NetEnt released the first slots featuring 243 ways to win. This became the new norm, offering players more ways to form winning combinations until BTG decided it was time for a new revolution.

The first game with the Megaways feature was Dragon Born, released in January 2015. This game featured 117,649 ways to win, more than any developer or player had ever seen! Many didn’t know what to do with the game, and few gravitated towards the dragon-themed title. Popularity for the mechanics surged the following year when the brand released Bonanza, featuring the same mechanics! The game offered a 96% RTP, medium to high volatility, a max win of 26,000x, and other exciting features like free spins.

The Trick Behind Megaways

Before we go further, it’s necessary to explain what paylines are and why they matter for this mechanism. Paylines are the active patterns on the game reels, where winning combinations can be formed to reward players. With standard fixed paylines, symbols must be matched horizontally or vertically in a fixed pattern. Megaways defy this, delivering wins in crazy never seen before patterns. They typically use six reels, simultaneously taking up to seven symbols, ensuring a 6×7 layout for winning combinations.

The original Megaways mechanic caps the paylines at 117,649 ways to win, but after BTG began collaborating with other brands to develop more games, paylines exceeded 500,000. That’s many more ways to win!

Top Megaways Slots

You can begin here if you are looking for the best titles under this category to get your gameplay started. We’ve prepared a list of the top five titles, each with exciting themes and features like free spins and multipliers:

  • Bonanza:
      • RTP: 96%;
      • Volatility: Medium-High;
      • Theme: Mining;
      • Developer: Big Time Gaming;
      • Paylines: 117,649;
      • Bonus Features: Unlimited Win Multipliers, Free Spins, Reactions feature;
      • Max Win: 26,000x;
  • Extra Chilli:
      • RTP: 96%+;
      • Volatility: High;
      • Theme: Mexican;
      • Developer: Big Time Gaming;
      • Paylines: 117,649;
      • Bonus Features: Unlimited Multipliers, Free Spins, Reactions feature;
      • Max Win: 20,000x;
  • Medusa Megaways:
      • RTP: 96.28%;
      • Volatility: High;
      • Theme: Ancient Greece;
      • Developer: NextGen Gaming;
      • Paylines: 117,649;
      • Bonus Features: Meduza’s Gaze, Free Spins, Temptations, Reactions feature;
      • Max Win: 50,000x;
  • White Rabbit Megaways:
      • RTP: 97.24%;
      • Volatility: Medium-High;
      • Theme: Alice in Wonderland;
      • Developer: Big Time Gaming;
      • Paylines: 248,832;
      • Bonus Features: Caterpillar Wilds, Down the Rabbit Hole Free Spins;
      • Max Win: 17,420x;
  • Buffalo Rising All Action Megaways:
    • RTP: 97.01%;
    • Volatility: High;
    • Theme: Wild;
    • Developer: Blueprint Gaming;
    • Paylines: 117,649;
    • Bonus Features: Free Spins, Multipliers;
    • Max Win: 10,000x.

The Evolution of Slot Excitement

Megaways are here to stay, and with multiple developers providing titles under this umbrella, we will surely enjoy the diversity and a thrilling gambling experience. The exciting thing about the slot industry is that innovation is a must, so this is just the beginning of all the fun things we can expect. What are you excited to see in the coming years? Share with us in the comments.

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